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Work Related Injuries

  • If I am hurt at work, can I choose to go to a chiropractor?  

  • In Massachusetts, chiropractic care is available under the Workers' Compensation Law.  You may go to the chiropractor of your choice. 


What should I do if I'm hurt at work and want to see a chiropractor?

  • Report your injury to your supervisor as soon as possible.  Your supervisor will have to complete a work related injury form and submit it to the company's workers' compensation insurance.

  • Make an appointment with your chiropractor.  The insurance staff will verify your injury with your employer and obtain from them the workers' compensation insurance information .

  • After your chiropractor takes a health history, including how you were hurt at work, a complete physical examination will be done.  If necessary x-rays will be taken.

  • With the results of your history and physical examination, your chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan.

  • The chiropractor's insurance staff will send a report to the insurance company's utilization review agent with the recommended treatment plan.

  • If everything is in order and the treatment plan is reasonable it is usually approved.  A specific number of treatments within a time frame will be allowed.


What if my condition developed over a period of time, rather than on a specific date?

  • Repetitive movements such as lifting over a period of time, reaching above shoulder level, carrying heavy objects, leaning over a work project, pushing or pulling machine levers, carrying a brief case or lap top computer, repetitive use of a mouse at your computer, etc. may cause overuse stress syndrome.  Often these conditions can improve with better work habits, modifications of equipment, changing seat height, wrist pads for mouse users.



Overuse stress syndrome is a work related injury and is covered under Massachusetts Workers' Compensation.

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