Our Treatment Process

Our treatment process is unique and custom to each patient based on their condition and diagnosis.  At Kantorosinski Chiropractic, we simply believe in giving patients what they need.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We strive to be conservative in our treatments to increase patient outcomes and decrease patient cost. 





Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. In this first phase of care, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes this may require daily visits, or multiple visits per week.




Most chiropractors regard the elimination of symptoms as the easiest part of a person’s care. If all that the chiropractor does is to reduce the pain and stop there, the chances of the condition recurring are much greater. In order to prevent a rapid recurrence of symptoms, it is necessary to continue receiving care even though your symptoms are gone.  The goal of corrective care is to complete the correction begun in your relief phase of care.  Corrective visits are 2 times per week.




The goal of Stabilization Care is to stabilize the muscles and ligaments that support your spine to decrease the likelihood that your original problem will return.  In Addition to spinal adjustment, a program of stabilization exercises will be taught.  Stabilization visits are 1 time per week.




Once your body has fully healed, routine chiropractic care can help ensure that your body is kept in optimal condition.  The goal of Wellness Care is to promote the optimum function of your spine and nervous system., It is necessary to continue chiropractic care to ensure the health of your musculoskeletal system. Wellness Care visits are 1-2 times per month.

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